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1U GROW Groups


minimum NUMBER participants: 10 
Maximum NUMBER of participants: 30
Additional Information:
we get past the awkward church side hug, how do we become familiar with each other? how do we become acquainted and comfortable in our interactions with the opposite sex within the church, despite being hindered by age old traditions and barriers set up that just aren't biblical?




Minimum number of participants: 4 
Maximum number of participants: 15
Additional Information:
Each participant will need to purchase a copy of
preach e.a.s.y



Minimum NUMBER of participants: 2 
Maximum NUMBER of participants: N/A





Additional Information:
each participant will need to purchase a copy of jude bible study by jackie hill perry $13.99.
ISBN:  978-1535948012 OR 1535948019
ISBN:  978-1-4002-0587-5 





Minimum NUMBER of participants: 3 
Maximum NUMBER of participants: 20
Additional Information:
participants will need to purchase the book "gay Girl, Good God" by Jackie Hill Perry, in either print copy or e-book. The book can also be checked out at a local library.



Minimum # of participants: 10
Maximum # of participants: 30                                       
Bible study/discussion on male characters of the bible and how they relate to men in 2020!





Minimum Number of participants: 5


Maximum Number of participants: 20
Additional Information:
enjoying singleness while transitioning to marriage.  this grow group is for singles who are looking to learn more about maintaining positive relationships, while preparing for the long-term commitment of marriage.





what's next?

Closed       Email Group Leader

Group Leader:  samuel fullard

Location:  zoom
Time:  5 pM, 06/28/2020
Frequency:  Weekly for 6 Weeks











Speak eazy

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Group Leader:  pastor byron j wells

Location:  zoom
Time:  2 PM                                                        Frequency:  Weekly, 8 weeks











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Group Leaders:  Paula Millen & alicia white

Location:  web EX
Time:  6:30 pM to 8 pM, 06/30/2020
Frequency:  Bi-Weekly









contending for the faith

Closed      Email Group Leader

Group Leader:  Latoya Desamour

Location:  zoom
Time:  6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, 06/25/2020
Frequency:  Weekly for 7 Weeks










the 4g network

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Group Leaders: hordet fullard 

Location:  zoom
Time:  7 pM to 8 pM, 07/10/2020
Frequency:  2nd and 4th fridays, 6 weeks













Profiles of a man

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Group Leaders:  samuel fullard &

                               chris gracia desgage 

Location:  zoom
Time:  7:30 pM to 9 pM, 07/03/2020
Frequency:  weekly, 6 weeks








table for two:  SINGLES ONLY

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Group Leader:  ovett & adrianne wilson 

Location:  zoom         
Time:  TBD                                                          Frequency:  Weekly, 6 weeks











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